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Where two years are given, the first is the date when orphans’ court minutes begin, the second is when Surrogate’s records and files begin (see New Jersey Probate Records).Earlier records of the county clerk are in the archives, Cultural and Historic Affairs, 1 Bergen County Plaza, Room 425.“When I hear a weather report, I won’t have to worry anymore about how much it’s going to rain.” Liebehenz’s project is among three along the Rancocas Creek in the Burlington County town.More than a dozen years since the first of four floods broke dams upstream and created havoc here, she and the other homeowners received a total of more than a half million dollars in FEMA assistance to lift their homes from their original foundations.Other useful county records may be located in the courthouses or at the New Jersey State Archives, including Justice of the Peace Dockets; tavern, peddlers’, and shopkeepers’ licenses; road books; and slave births and manumissions.Some New Jersey counties have established or are establishing county record centers and archives, to which older records are transferred for better preservation and use by researchers.

Di Enno said that while she is grateful her project finally got underway in the summer — after 13 years of fighting to get FEMA’s attention and writing to everyone from township officials to the president — she’s unhappy with the outcome.Some counties have abstracts of earlier deeds from their parent counties (see New Jersey Land Records).In the last column is the date when Surrogate’s records begin, followed by the mailing address of the county Surrogate’s Court, if different from the county clerk.Liebehenz remembers a subsequent storm-driven flood that seemed to rise up from the earth, filling her basement and covering the first floor in a couple of feet of water.“It’s been a really long road for all of us living along this creek,” Liebehenz said one recent afternoon as she watched workmen from Wolfe House & Building Movers, a Bernville, Berks County, contractor, begin hoisting her circa 1784 house off its foundation.These include deeds, 1707—1828 (Libers A—Z2), chattel mortgages, soldier burials, justices and freeholders records, voter registrations, slave births and manumissions, and early court records, as well as microfilm of archival court and other records, the originals of which are now at the state archives.


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