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One said it means 'getting together' while another remarked that it is working towards the 'act of making love.'The second term, 'dusting,' proved to be a sterner challenge for those quizzed with many scratching their heads to think of a clean away to guess correctly.Upon seeing the meaning is the 'act of making love' one man described the term as 'disgusting' while another innocently said he thought it was 'cleaning dirt of a surface.' Next up was 'pied' which has come to mean the act of being ditched or dumped.the bimbo, but I would say there are those that would criticise that particularly prior to the program 'Sex',' the host responds, before later asking to 'perve in her shed'.Among his other close and personal moments with celebrities is an intimate singing session with Bardot star turned Bachelorette Sophie Monk.The card player tried to use sleight of hand to win the card game.The magician used sleight of hand to do some amazing tricks.On-screen moments and comments by TV gardening star Don Burke are now being viewed in a different light amid serious allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

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On a trip to Alice Springs for Burke's radio show, Ms Langdon claimed he joked it was so hot she should remove her clothing as they sat together on a shuttle bus.'He decided that it was okay for him to put his hands on my T-shirt and try and pull my bra strap, my bra, off and somehow remove my clothing. Burke denied any of these incidents occurred and said researchers were not taken on location for taping, and he found no record of her being on such a trip.I will not ask you the question - are your breasts real? As the model laughed, Burke pushed on, saying: 'But are they? Music played suggestively in the background as the gardener pollinated the philodendron by rubbing the plant up and down.'Contacted on Monday, Braaksensiek said she was 'so sorry' to read about the claims and described him as a 'joy to have in my home'.'He was very flattering (regarding) my cooking (but not my terrible gardening skills – I sacked my gardener shortly thereafter, ha ha) but Don was not at all rude, nor did he make me feel uncomfortable whilst shooting.''Everyone always assumes my breasts are fake, so he asked 'are they real' on TV, and I told him the truth 'yes they are'. 'Looks like it's not an unpleasant thing to do,' Burke said to his guest.Mail Online hit the streets of London to ask members of the general public what they think a selection of words and phrases used by contestants of the raunchy programme mean.The first word put to participants was the term 'grafting' which in Love Island speak means 'to do some handwork in order the lay the groundwork for romance.'Surprisingly, most managed to get the new meaning of the term more or less correct with their answers.His best known program, Burke's Backyard, was a staple of Australian television up from the late 1980s until 2004, when it was unceremoniously dumped after a ratings dip.


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