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When the client computer system receives that Web page, it typically displays the Web page using a browser.

A browser is a special-purpose application program that effects the requesting of Web pages and the displaying of Web pages.

The WWW service allows a server computer system (i.e., Web server or Web site) to send graphical Web pages of information to a remote client computer system.

The remote client computer system can then display the Web pages.

The HTML document contains various tags that control the displaying of text, graphics, controls, and other features.

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HTML provides a standard set of tags that define how a Web page is to be displayed.This purchaser-specific order information may include the purchaser's name, the purchaser's credit card number, and a shipping address for the order.The server computer system then typically confirms the order by sending a confirming Web page to the client computer system and schedules shipment of the items.The server system then assigns a client identifier to the client system and associates the assigned client identifier with the received purchaser information.The server system sends to the client system the assigned client identifier and an HTML document identifying the item and including an order button.The products can include items (e.g., music) that are delivered electronically to the purchaser over the Internet and items (e.g., books) that are delivered through conventional distribution channels (e.g., a common carrier).


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