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The jailbreak this morning caught everyone off guard, including saurik, who was not given the opportunity to get Cydia ready for it. " To which saurik responded by saying, "I don't think you understand: open Tai G, scroll to any package that has English in its title, and search for it in the App Store.That is why you may have some issues when trying to use Cydia as you normally would. Moments ago, pod2g tweeted to saurik regarding the presence of cracked apps saying, "report and Taig will remove. :(" It's unclear at this point if the team was aware that the store offered cracked apps; however, they will be releasing an update on the situation shortly.Update 2: The evad3rs have addressed the community.Update 3: Planetbeing assured users the jailbreak does not upload any private data..Essentially, the evad3rs had to rush to get the jailbreak out the door in order to save other exploits that another team would burn (if they were to release).Update: Saurik just tweeted: BTW, I knew about Tai G 2 months ago: I warned evad3rs it was sketchy, told them there would be piracy, and tried to find them a better deal.We assume whatever deal the evad3rs made was not to involve piracy.

I want that made clear as everyone is reporting how "surprised" I am: I was surprised by the sudden release with no test time, but not Tai G.-More details than ever before about your favorite videos There's more work to be done so be sure to email us your feedback! You have failed every fan of this website and I'm writing this review in the hopes that your stodgy management is the next to go.We have to pay the price for your poor management, pathetic business acumen, and deep misunderstanding of why Cracked was great in the first place.Not only are we bringing you a sleeker design, we’ve loaded the Cracked app with more mind-blowing facts than ever before. After spending 39 Million to acquire a beloved website, you've effectively run it into the ground.Some of the newest features include:-View articles by your favorite columnist or by category-Zip through Photoplasty Contests-Read the comments and sort them too! Not only is this app garbage, but you've now made the decision to rely on cheap, hacked together content in lieu of talented comedians and writers.), pop culture analysis (why is Back to the Future secretly horrifying?


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