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are all here: Will, Felix Biederman, Matt Christman, and Brendan James.

Perhaps this sense of camaraderie inspires you to subscribe to the , jokes segue quickly into genuine opinion, and vice versa.

“If it was just, ‘Well, this is how it is, let’s just go down laughing,’ then they would just be .” Brendan is the only one who looks like he’d be welcome in any kind of traditional office setting.

(Today he’s wearing a slim button-down shirt and a pair of wool slacks.) In addition to being the producer for “What we hear from listeners is that they’re turned on about reading and laughing but also investing time and getting involved in political thought, action, whatever, in a way that stuff like Comedy Central or Andy Borowitz just does not give them,” he says over soppressata pizza.

But today he’s couchsurfing in New York ahead of a live performance of the show at the comedy club Caroline’s on Broadway.

The simplest way to describe sports journalist Greg Howard (who talked about Colin Kaepernick and the history of sports protest), and investigative journalist Maria Hengveld (who looked at exploitation of women in Nike’s sweatshops under the company’s “Girl Effect” initiative). Nearly 4,000 people currently do this (including me), netting the show ,328 a month from subscriptions alone.


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