Who is michael phelps dating 2016

He has been mature about the situation, owning up to each offense, and serving his time.He was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and used swimming as a way to deal with his extra energy.To have one swimmer in his 30s contend for a medal is unheard of.The fact that two could be on the podium illustrates that this could be one of the rarest events in Olympic history.In fact, Phelps and Johnson had been dating on and off for So how was Phelps able to land himself a former beauty queen?Unfortunately, there is no official word from either Phelps or Johnson on how or where exactly they met in 2007. We've been able to grow as a couple through everything we've been through, the positive changes I've made in my life. As the world gets closer and closer to Rio 2016 each day — the harder the athletes train to win more medals of their own.

Phelps has a history of driving under the influence of alcohol.Phelps fans didn't see the news coming, leading some to wonder who Nicole Johnson even was.But as it turns out, Johnson and Phelps had been dating quite some time before announcing their engagement.One was in 2004, where he was sentenced to do 18 months of community service.His second drunk driving offence was in 2014 which led him to be suspended from all swimming competitions for the next six months.Cseh doesn’t have the same renown as Phelps, but he is nearly as impressive — particularly given what he’s done in the latter stages of his career.


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