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He will just have to get used to this if he is in love with this woman.

So do you see how this could get a little exhausting for this man? He's a Pisces after all, he is the last Sun Sign on the karmic wheel.She will love that sense of security he has about his love and eventually one of her twins will mimic it, but the other one will always be guessing. However her consistent movement is a good thing in this relationship because it will cause them rarely to bicker.Before he even has time to bring up something that he is irritated with, she will already be baking him muffins or asking him to go for a run with her.It will not be difficult to get her way with this fish. Although, sometimes it is hard to understand what this woman wants.That is because you aren't dealing with just one woman, you are dealing with at least two or more. She has as much patience as a little hummingbird that flutters around from flower to flower so fast that you can't even see it's wings move.Yes, Geminis may be a little confusing, but like I mentioned earlier never uninteresting.


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