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In a woman's career, she may rise to the top by being very opinionated, aggressive and decisive.But when these same qualities cross too far into the relationship, we don't like it. Men appreciate an accomplished, successful woman but don't want to have to come home to a stressful, competitive environment after spending all day in a similar type of work environment.In reality, I think many men appreciate and admire women who are accomplished, and are not at all intimidated by their strength, intelligence and position in the workplace. Here's an excerpt of our conversation on this topic: Joshua Pompey: This is definitely a big issue in today's culture.To unpack this issue a bit more, I decided to ask... As you say, women are more successful than ever, receiving higher levels of education, and the disparity between men and women in positions of power shrinks every year.- Create a profile & start communication WHAT WILL YOU GET AT UFMA? Valuable articles and tips about dating and building relationship absolutely FREE.GUARANTEED contact with only real and checked ladies, who we know IN PERSON. Scam-free dating, checked by hundreds of people from all around the world.For years, my single friends and I consoled one another after breakups or blow-offs by employing reductive reasoning, repeating a misinformed, yet token girl power refrain: "He's probably just intimidated by you -- you're strong, smart and successful -- and that scares him." In the twenty-first century, women have come a long way.

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Oftentimes, I think women lead with their accomplishments, as if their bona fides alone will attract a man, and I don't necessarily think that approach works.

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In fact, most men find these qualities very attractive and will brag to their friends and family about what a smart, great girl they have found.

The problem arises when the qualities that make a woman such a big success cross over into the relationship.


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