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It's like a Mac mini, really, measuring 23 x 98 x 98mm and weighing a calorie-free 27g.

It's shiny black and curvy around the sides, and on the top is a matte black finish given relief by a shiny black Apple symbol and the word TV. To be honest, we suspect Apple might have preferred to call it the i TV but that name wasn't allowed due to the UK TV company of the same name.

New channels in the US added in July include CNBC – as long as you log in with a Comcast or Time Warner password - and Fox Now, which includes programmes such as New Girl.

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You can connect a keyboard via Bluetooth, and there is an infrared receiver for use with Apple's own remote.

But it's still possible to buy the 2012 Apple TV second hand if you shop around.

(Indeed, third-gen Apple TVs may pop up from time to time on the Refurbished Store, although there are none at time of writing.) The unit hasn't changed other than this. Read next: Apple TV buying guide 2017 | Best Apple TV deals | Apple TV on Refurbished Store When is a TV not a TV? Apple TV is not even a TV tuner for free-to-air channels, or a digital video recorder to catch shows while you're away from home or watching another channel.

Other devices offer far more content, as you can see from this round up of alternatives to Apple TV.

Read next: Apple TV hints & hacks for the ultimate Apple TV setup The Apple TV is a stylish little black box that won't look out of place tucked beneath even the smartest HD TV.


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