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The Morgan horse is America's horse and the picture is 100% American." Jeff Wilson was quoted on the clipping in an article by WKYT, "I've had a lot of veterans get really emotional when they see it.There's just something special about seeing these logos on the horse." The tribute touched our hearts and above all honored our veterans in a way that was truly unique.My husband I both have decided this picture belongs only to Orion.It definitely will not be clipped on any other horse, and, I am at his point, not sure it will be re-clipped on him.

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The Knights of Iceland wowed audiences with two daring precision performances, both of which featured fire!A line started forming long before the meet and greet, and despite the heat there was nothing but excitement for the You Tube sensation.Cheers and smiles filled the tent when she walked in!Here are the overall champions of Saturday's competition: We would also like to congratulate all of our winners from the event! Breyer Fest wasn't just the entertainment and shopping featured in the Covered Arena; there were plenty of activities for kids and adults featured all over the Kentucky Horse Park.Again in 2016, Celebration Park hosted a variety of family-friendly fun, including pony rides, a petting zoo, a mechanical bull, Splash Dogs, the kids Jump Off, and the Tonka Fun Zone.Hosting packed houses both evenings at the Alltech Arena, this year's Celebration of Horses was produced by crowd favorites, KYB Dressage.


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