Dating someone with hep c

Interesting question that hasn't been raised recently. sex when you have cuts or lesions on or close to the genitals, during anal sex (because the anus lining is easily broken), during menstruation, and during sexual practices that may involve bleeding or broken skin. This emphasises the need for safe sex practices where there is a risk of blood-to-blood contact, e.g.If you take a few precautions, it's almost impossible to pass on the disease to someone else. "The transmission rate between people in a household is probably just a little above zero," says Howard J.Worman, MD, associate professor of medicine at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. So follow these common precautions: Hepatitis C can spread through sexual intercourse, but it's rare. In fact, the CDC considers the risk of sexual transmission between monogamous couples so low that it doesn't even recommend using condoms.Also, there's no evidence that hepatitis C is spread by oral sex.However, if you have multiple partners you should take precautions.Using condoms will not only protect your partners from hepatitis C but also will protect you from other dangerous diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis B.It is possible for a pregnant mother to spread the virus to her baby, but the risk is low.

"I see a lot of people who are HCV-positive who are more worried about transmitting the virus than their loved ones are." It's important to remember that hepatitis C isn't easy to catch.

The CDC believes the transmission rate from mother to child is about 5%.

The virus is spread at birth, and there's no way to reduce the risk.

My husband and I had sex when menstrual blood was present a number of times (back when I was infected but did not yet know it) and he never became infected, but he never had cuts or sores on his penis. Yes it's possible, but it would still require him to have an open cut on his penis at the time, so it's not very probable.

My husband and I had sex when menstrual blood was present a number of times (back when I was infected but did not yet know it) and he never became infected, but he never had cuts or sores on his penis.


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