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I also removed all the watermarks, so the viewer is not distracted by any of those ugly and immersion breaking marks.For fans of the song, the source is a special remix of "Flesh" from Simon Curtis.Erin is again taken through obedience training where the programming she received in her previous session is reinforced and expanded upon.Once again, Erin is trained to see myself and the hypnotist as her masters, and obey any commands we give her.M Violet - Finders Keepers Free will is an illusion once I have uncovered and claimed what lies beneath.Listen to My soft seductive voice, allow yourself to fall back slave, I will catch you.I hope you give it a try soon and vote for me in the contest! I've finally finished something that should work...

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Since Erin has been hypnotized before, RHLOVER moves quickly into an induction to get her into a highly suggestible state.

Everything is in perfect sync to the beat and choreographed like a professional music video.

Even the dirty talk segments are in snyc with the beat and in many cases put together from multiple sources.

Category: MESMERIZE Related Categories: SENSUAL DOMINATION, LOVE ADDICTION, STRIP TEASE, JOI, MENTAL DOMINATION Keywords: sensual domination File Size :734 MB Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4 Duration : Thumbnails : DOWNLOAD Self-Hatred Affirmation Mindfuck Your self-esteem is disgustingly high- you need to be properly torn down.

I order you to play this DAILY to remind yourself of how utterly worthless you are. You absorb each word like a sponge and feel it cut you like a knife to the deepest depths of your soul. Category: MESMERIZE Related Categories: MIND FUCK, MENTAL DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION, TABOO Keywords: verbal abuse, cruelty, female domination, abusive, emotional abuse, emotional domination, erotic, mind control, trance, brainwash, brainwashing, hypnodomme, domme File Size :437 MB Resolution :1280 x 720 MPEG-4 Duration : Thumbnails : DOWNLOAD Requiem For A Slayer My most delicious Vampire seduction yet.


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