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They will focus on the very latest developments affecting the Lake and estuaries, including the latest update from the Legislature, applicable provisions of the Water Policy Bill, status of the Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule, schedule for the Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation, endangered species, latest studies and status of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan projects and what can be expected over the coming year.

In Part II of this panel, the speakers will openly discuss the various options and solutions for addressing the issues. PERMITS UNDER ATTACK: DEFENDING YOUR PERMIT FROM ALL CHALLENGERS Permits, approvals, and other agency authorizations are critical to your company’s business.

The panel will discuss how Lake management decisions affect their differing interests and obligations and the varying issues that must be balanced to make effective decisions.Come prepared with questions for this expert panel! COMPREHENSIVE WATERSHED EVALUATION, PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT In-depth examination of continued agency emphasis on watershed management as a means of comprehensively integrating a variety of planning and regulatory programs currently implemented by DEP and water management districts; these include TMDLs, stormwater construction, NPDES, PLRGs, and both structural and non-structural floodplain planning and management; practical considerations; organizing stakeholders; discussion of need for statutory changes as well as changes to current agency practices. Preparation, organization, as well as an understanding of both the regulation and the processes, can go a long way to facilitating a smoother and certainly more positive outcome.In addition to being technically prepared, knowing the agency representatives, their role in the organization, and their scope of authority can be as critical as having a thorough understanding of the applicability of the various rules and regulations.But challenges in courts of law and public opinion are becoming increasingly common.These attacks threaten to delay, derail, or undo your permitting effort.For the private property owner, this course provides an overview of their rights. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN PROPERTY RIGHTS This course discusses recent state and federal legal decisions, legislative proposals and enactments, and anything else of interest to those who deal with the nitty-gritty of private property issues. STRATEGIES FOR AVOIDING LITIGATION UNDER NEPA, CWA, AND ESA AND UPDATES ON EVOLVING REGULATIONS AND POLICIES UNDER THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION Public and private sector projects located near wetlands, endangered species habitat or other protected areas are often opposed by individuals and organizations during permitting proceedings as well as in federal court.


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