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She plays the role of “First Lady,” they run a business together, share a dog plus she has access to his home and every major area of his life.If you didn’t know any better, you would think they’re married.Oh and they want us to believe they’re not having sex 17 years in. As a happily married woman, she wants better for Loretta. Last night on the after show, the host asked Loretta if she would marry Noel if he proposed.Loretta gets highly defensive and heated when anyone asks her about her relationship with Noel. In last night’s episode, Loretta and Lavette got into a heated exchange and Loretta basically told Lavette to mind her business. Too many women are in situations like Loretta waiting around on a man to make a decision about her life. She said, “To be honest, my perspective of marriage has changed from the time I met him until where we are now.If he gets scared and runs, thank God and count your blessings. Staying in a stagnant relationship blocks the path for the right guy. What do you think about the relationship between Loretta and Noel Jones ?You’re on the way to meeting a guy who wants what you want when you want it and how you want it. A marriage minded man could’ve been eyeballing Loretta all along but he went the other way because he thinks she and Noel are headed to the altar. Should a pastor remain single until he’s ready to marry?

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The other issue is the perception of his singleness. Maybe they get along great because they aren’t married. That’s where the rubber meets the road for many single Christian men/people.

I read some of last night’s tweets and one stood out to me; “I’m with Bishop Ron’s wife on this one. Sure, as a single pastor, Noel is very wrong for dating Loretta for 16 years BUT, he couldn’t date Loretta for 17 years if she didn’t’ let him. They ask questions like: When you ask these types of questions, you take back your power. There are two things Loretta and you need to do if you are walking in her shoes: Step 1: Figure out your timeline. I’m happy with the way things are now, but if he proposed to me I would accept.” Noel’s was shocked at her answer.

Bishop Jones knows he wrong for dating that lady for 17 years.” Lavette, Bishop Ron’s wife had several conversations with Loretta about her relationship with Noel. You put yourself back in the drivers seat of your life. His response was, “”Anytime you hear something that you never heard before in that light, it calls for some introspective meditation. The person you’re dating is not a mind reader therefore it’s up to you to speak up about what you want and where you see your relationship life going.

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces Calls to Bishop Jones for comment were unreturned.

Don’t get me wrong, Jesus loves me, but it’s very rare that I get entertaining gospel news/gossip/tid-bits, but tis the season (I guess).


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