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I can't understand how you can say that children were not being supervised just because we were the other side of glass.'Mr Knight replied: 'I don't regard being fully clothed on the other side of a piece of glass as being an adequate way of supervising seven-year-old children.'I continue to believe that there was no risk at any time that could not have been mitigated by normal parental supervision.' The inquest heard that the pool was so small that it did not need a lifeguard under Health and Safety Executive rules, although it needed a risk assessment and emergency procedures.

Maya's parents Livial Kantengule, 38, and wife Glenda, 36, who were not at the party had wrongly believed their daughter could swim as she had been receiving lessons at Dell Primary School in Oulton Broad, Suffolk But a teaching assistant at the school where she was a pupil said that she was nervous in the water and could only float with the help of armbands and a foam woggle buoyancy aid.

He had to bake bread, write and perform a song, visit a crop circle, learn a magic trick, perform various random acts of kindness, get chatting with groups of strangers on holiday, invite his male friends round for a tea party and deck out a public loo with flowers, pictures and decent reading material to mark National Toilet Day on November 19 (task number 44).

Of course many people thought it was all brilliant — a wonderful quirky celebration of life, growing older, trying new things and pushing boundaries.

Christopher Coker, a South Norfolk Council environmental health officer, admitted that there was no requirement for constant supervision at the pool for general use.

But it wasn’t about changing the world — it was just a bit of fun,’ says Claire. ’The laughter yoga (number 25) — a sort of Indian crowd-based yoga where participants laugh together and lose their inhibitions — was also not an unmitigated success.But in order to comply, he commissioned a new risk assessment.He later decided to no longer hire out the pool for any more parties as it was only a small part of the park's business.The inquest heard that the Health and Safety Executive served an improvement notice on the holiday park requiring it to draw up a specific risk assessment for hiring out the pool was required.Mr Wright said he believed the risks of pool parties were suitably dealt with by the existing risk assessment for the general use of the pool.Maya of Oulton Broad was dropped off by her father 30 minutes late at the party and was in the water for around 30 minutes before Mrs Rainer spotted her from the observation area on the bottom of the 1.5m deep end.


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