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I thrust it down her throat as deep as possible to test her gag reflexes!

I know near to nothing about the games from which it is inspired (visual novels, murder detective style), so I can only comment about the hentai volume on hand. What’s better than two events in a row during December? Continue Reading → I doubt this share will be popular, for 2 reasons.

It’s fairly nice, mutual liking between a short boy and a tall girl (Naegi and Aoi Asahina, two of the characters), and a pool session that soon becomes sexual =) The drawings aren’t bad and hardly even censored, my biggest regret was that Aoi became fair-skinned while, as an images search showed, it seems she’s tanned and/or cute brown in the game :3 Enjoy! – First, the art, although skillfully done, is sub-par compared to most other works by the mangaka (Taihei Tengoku), some body parts look gross and exxagerated.

My dream girl was spread out in front of me, totally naked and willing and quite literally begging me to fuck her little pussy! She blushed beautifully, nodded her head, and said, “Umm …. The girl took it in her tiny hands and started sucking and stroking it like a dirty little fuck slut. Apparently, the idea in this share is that one of the game’s female characters has become a recruiter for an underground cult, and she uses orgasms to make men follow her. Would someone know who ought to be thanked, for this release? Thing is, we watch Sophia have group sex with a group of men, and then with the RPG’s hero, it’s a sort of brainwashing story, I guess. If you dig the mangaka’s unique style, with intense powerful sex, a crude drawing style packing a lot of impact, enjoy!YOUNG GIRLS GET THEIR LITTLE PUSSIES DESTROYED BY BIG COCKS: She spread her legs and lowered her drenched cunt to my erection. Now this sexy little bitch was ready for her slut party!The teen slut rode me hard, driving herself up and down on my cock, clearly enjoying it. My sexy neighbor said she wanted me to prepare her for her college party slut debut by testing her gag reflex!


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