Vray updating instances

Phone support is great if you need a bit more hand-holding, or when you are faced with more complex challenges.But when / if you just want more straight forward support, email might be sufficient.

Squarespace’s templates are not only are they beautiful, all of them are also responsive templates. With a mobile responsive template (from Squarespace), your design is automatically optimized for mobile devices and there isn’t much more you need to do.

What this means is that no matter where you are looking at the website (be it on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet), the layout and design will always look great. With Wix’s dedicated mobile editor, you have some advanced tools to pick and choose what content to display or hide.

So you do have a bit more control over your visitors’ mobile experiences.

At the moment, Wix doesn’t allow you to transfer your existing content into a new template. For Squarespace, if you pick a template and change your mind later, you can just switch to a new template in their control panel.

Your existing content will be automatically transferred into the new template, so you don’t need to rebuild your content.


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