Lesson plans on love and dating

Assumptions run wild and everything becomes blurred.

Here are some we all tend to have: #1) “I’m not good enough.” Anytime we see a guy who is totally our type, the first thing we feel is how sexually attracted we are to him, then we’re mystified by his appeal, then we start placing him on a pedestal.

We can be in that headspace if you really try, and over time we will train our brain to get there faster.

#2) “He’s going to think I’m creepy and just want to have sex with him.” This is your habit talking.

A few months ago my boyfriend and I were on the verge of breaking up.

Jealously became an emotion that couldn’t be tamed and was used as a weapon to hurt one another.It’s been tough transitioning out of our partying lifestyle but so far its been worth it.At some point I’m sure we’ll be going out a few nights a month, but right now we’re just focusing on ourselves.For whatever reason drinking turned us into a-holes that didn’t have any respect for one another. Yes, we still get in arguments like everyone else but we handle it in a completely different way.There’s no more name calling or saying regretful things.All those shitty nights we spent arguing over nothing and calling each other horrible names, had just left our minds.


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