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Commands are encouraged to use Web 2.0 tools, consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and policies.Service and MOD civilian personnel can volunteer to operate "sponsored" online presences to help communicate their work, including as part of their official duties.This policy recognizes that Internet-based capabilities are integral to operations across the Department of Defense. All publicly accessible information capabilities and applications available across the Internet in locations not owned, operated, or controlled by the Department of Defense or the Federal Government.

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The gains in productivity, efficiency, and innovation can be significant.

We must begin writing and publishing our products with embedded links to other content, pictures, and videos to meet the expectations of our online audience (think i Pad and Kindle friendly).

Achieving these goals will require continued promotion of the sites and posting of "viral" or "newsworthy" content.

It will also require the Chairman to mention his online presence during All Hands Calls and incorporate them into appropriate speeches.

Our PA Outreach section, Speech Writers, and Aides will also need to send these sites to units, organizations, and media when conducting initial planning and coordination.


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