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Her mother ran the shop with help from Jeanette and Mandy while their father was away on business.Cheryl met Wolfgang West when he came to the dairy and stole cigarettes.Cheryl left school when she was 16 to work in her parents' dairy.Cheryl's parents purchased Ivan's Dairy in West Auckland in the summer of 1982 after the previous owner died.She told him smoking was bad for him and he responded "not as bad as I can be." Cheryl recognised him as "the Wolf" – the bad boy her sister had been dating.

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Cheryl eventually took up a job at The Galleria alongside Wolf's friend Eric.She was led to Mr Hong, who informed her that it was stolen by Oscar Fusilama, the nephew of one of her workmates.Allen Markham, an old friend of the family, offered Cheryl a job as office manager at his business Markham Auto Imports which doubled her pay and she immediately quit her job at Big Foods.Cheryl struggled to keep her family on the straight and narrow while at the same time keeping her company afloat.She expected a baby with Judd, but he was stillborn which put a strain on their relationship.has alway focused more on the drama and insults than the fancy footwork at the Abby Lee Dance Company, but now that star Abby Lee Miller has left the show, it seems that's about to change.


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