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Grant soon formulated a supposedly revolutionary vitamin product.Never known for understatement, Lapre decided to name the product The Greatest Vitamin in the World.Respondents failed to adequately advise consumers that by enrolling in the Auto Ship Plan, they were committing themselves to accept Respondents' products for a minimum of 6 months and were giving Respondents the authority to issue an account draft each month to pay for the products.Respondents continued the drafts despite being notified by Sales Associates that they did not want the products.Don Lapre was a fast-talking character who sold "get rich" opportunities for many years.

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What began as a personal search for health has resulted in a complete recovery and return to the pinnacle of fitness for Doug, including a Gold Medal victory in the World Power Lifting Championships.

His new company, Torica, LLC, began operations in Phoenix in January 2003.

A new Don Lapre infomercial soon followed, featuring "The Greatest Vitamin" and Lapre boasting, that "Nothing like this has ever been seen before in the history of the world!

Optimal Health Systems, which Grant founded, markets its own brand of dietary supplements and operates a retail outlet in Mesa, Arizona.

According to the company's Web site site: In 1989, twenty-three year old Douglas Grant was involved in a terrible accident that landed him in a rehab center and left him wondering if he would ever walk again.


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