My ex is dating a whore

May you never date such a garbage fire of a man again.

Some western men even marry Thai bar girls only to discover there are so many problems, they shouldn’t have.If the guy tries to have a more in-depth conversation about political or social issues, or even just normal news, the girl has little or no interest in doing so.Your Reputation, While Dating or Married to a Thai Bar Girl – While Thai men may have sex with prostitutes, few if any respectable Thai men would ever marry a Thai prostitute.If you’re a western guy, or know one, who’s seriously thinking about dating or marrying a Thai bar girl, consider the following problems that will occur.Most Thai Bar Girls Want Money– First of all, don’t fool yourself.In all the time I’ve lived in Thailand, I’ve only met one western guy who’s still happily married to his Thai ex-bar girl wife (and she’s a lovely girl, by the way).


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